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Linking carbon and nitrogen cycling in lucerne: mitigating nitrogen losses and retaining soil carbon

We are investigating on-farm solutions to reduce the environmental impact of intensive irrigated pastoral agriculture while maintaining productivity and profitability.

Developing soil guideline values to protect terrestrial biota (Eco-SGVs)

From 01 Jul 2014 to 30 Jun 2016

Soil guideline values (Eco-SGVs) developed to protect terrestrial biota provide a useful means for assessing potential environmental impact of contaminants. 

Impact of irrigation on soil carbon and nitrogen

How can irrigation be used to maintain or increase soil organic matter (SOM) and the multiple associated benefits.

Increasing water quality in rivers by soil conservation actions on land

Sediment loads in some New Zealand rivers are very high. Mitigating the impacts this fine sediment has in rivers requires a catchment-wide approach to reducing soil erosion.

The effect of medium- to long-term irrigation on soil water holding properties

This project studies paddocks with both irrigated and dryland areas, to research how soil water properties may change under medium- to long-term irrigation.

Maximising the value of irrigation

From 01 Oct 2013 to 01 Oct 2019

Developing soil and crop sensors that map spatial variability and monitor factors that influence effective irrigation, including soil water status and crop water use. 

NextGen S-map

From 01 Oct 2016 to 30 Sep 2021

A brief history on the development of soil classification systems used in New Zealand and how they relate to those used internationally.

Representativeness of Regional Council State of the Environment (SOE) soil quality data set

An assessment of the coverage and representativeness of current soil quality monitoring sites.

Soil health and resilience

An integrated soil health framework that provides a comprehensive view of soil health and resilience and can be used by a wide range of end-users .

Monitoring changes in soil organic carbon stocks in New Zealand’s managed grasslands

From 01 Oct 2016 to 01 Oct 2019

A new method to monitor soil organic carbon stocks and stock changes in New Zealand’s managed grasslands, which occupy more than half the country’s total land area.

Development and application of SedNetNZ

How the SedNetNZ erosion model can be used to better understand erosion, and manage sources of sediment.