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Soils-related Resources – New Zealand

Te Ara Encyclopaedia of New Zealand: Soils
The soil is only a thin skin covering the land, but it is vital for all life. The more we learn about New Zealand soils and their role in the ecosystem, the more wisely we can use them.

New Zealand Society of Soil Science
The New Zealand Society of Soil Science is a professional society to encourage the advancement of soil science.

Regional Council soil resources

Sites have only been included where there is a significant amount of information specifically on soils.

Waikato Regional Councils NZ soils website
This web site is a visual introduction to soils, how they differ, their importance and distribution.

Environment Southland’s Soil website
Soils are a non-renewable resource and are vital to Southland's productive capacity. Resources include soil temperature and moisture data and maps as well as a map service that details soil types across Southland.

Otago Regional Councils Soils maps and database website
The soil database is designed to help make farming or growing decisions. It provides general information on: key physical and chemical properties, factors to consider in relation to irrigation design, and horticultural development and management.

Marlborough District Council’s Soils website
Soils are fundamental to Marlborough's economic, environmental and social wellbeing. We use soils to grow our fruit, vegetables, crops and timber. Shows soil data for the Marlborough region, with detailed information available for Wairau Plains and Awatere Valley.

Tasman District Council’s Soil and Land Management website
Tasman District Council is responsible for managing the soil and land resources in the District. Resources include: soils information, soil health and monitoring programme, soil intactness monitoring, planting for erosion control and disturbance and sediment control.

Crown Research Institutes

The Soils, Land Use and Global Change team combines empirical research and systems modelling to understand the interaction between land management practises and global change drivers (CO2, temperature, rainfall) and their impact on both pastoral production and environmental quality.

Plant and Food Research
The Soil, Water & Environment Group works with land-based industries to develop the knowledge and tools needed to promote economically and environmentally sustainable management and use of soil and water resources in agricultural and horticultural production systems.

Soil science research conducted at Scion.

GNS Science
GNS hosts a Science Rock and Soil Mechanics Laboratory set up to determine the mechanical properties of rock and soil materials. GNS also undertakes research into the relationship between geology and soil.

NIWA provide a weekly update describing soil moisture across the country to help assess whether severely to extremely dry conditions are occurring or imminent.