Soils at Manaaki Whenua

Our research

At Manaaki Whenua we have recently greatly expanded our suite of soils research programmes. This has been made possible by funding from MBIE and MPI for new multi-year projects. As shown in the figure below, these new programmes will help us answer some of the big questions in soil research and will have impacts for generations to come.

MWLR Soils Research

MWLR Soils Research (click to enlarge)

The strong links between these programmes and farming industry groups will ensure the knowledge generated will be used to help farmers in their ongoing efforts to reduce the impacts of management practices on the environment.

Explore the following pages to get more specific information on the soils research we do:

  • Soils & Landscapes area
    Our research looks at the complex inter-relationships that control the response of soils and landscapes to climatic and human-induced pressures. The team evaluates current risks, and offers sustainable land use and natural resource allocation options.

  • Characterising Land Resources
    This portfolio is responsible for the stewardship of data and infrastructure associated with our nationally significant land and soil databases, including the acquisition of new data. Our role is to enhance the quality, accuracy, spatial coverage, and accessibility of soil and land information.

  • Managing Land and Water
    This research enables industries and land managers to improve the alignment between land use and key environmental social, economic, and cultural goals. Strategies to minimise, buffer or mitigate adverse environmental impacts resulting from the use and development of land (e.g. agriculture, tourism, energy production, mining, timber, transport) both help to maintain a comparative advantage in competitive global markets, and improve the health of our land and water assets.

  • National Land Resource Centre 
    This is a ‘one stop shop’ for providing information for policy, business and science practitioners, coordinating engagement with and foresight into future issues, and undertaking capacity building across the sectors. The Centre publishes reports and has a searchable catalogue of land-related information (datasets, tools, publication technologies and organisations). Over a hundred of these relate to soil.