Other soil resources

Soil resources for teachers and students

Soil – Dig it!
New Zealand Science Learning Hub
A Planet Earth and Beyond resource for NZ Curriculum levels 1 and 2. Dig in and learn about soil – the essential resource beneath our feet.

Soil, Farming and Science
New Zealand Science Learning Hub
Applying science to improve farming and the environment. What do soil, farming, and science have to do with each other? Learn about the effects farming can have on the environment and explore innovative science ideas that can help farmers and the environment.

Dig it
Learn more about soils through our educational booklets for children aged 5 to 14. An educator’s guide is also available for teachers.

Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Soil-Net.com is a free and compelling environmental Internet resource for Key Stages 1–4, providing teachers and students with extensive curriculum-based information about soil.

Soil Science Society of America
Looking for useful tools to help in the soil education of your class? SSSA has numerous resources to help you talk to students about soils.

Dr. Dirt
Alliance of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Societies
Hands-on, exploratory learning activities based on methods of scientific inquiry to encourage interest in science, soil, engineering, agriculture, and natural resources, tailored for students in grades 9-12.

The Science of Soil
Nutrients For Life Foundation
Free, interactive lesson plans, videos, and classroom tools promote a deeper understanding of core science concepts as your students discover the complex world of soil.

Unlock the Secrets in the Soil
Over 30 videos produced by the US Department of Agriculture's National Resource Conservation Centre on various aspects of Soil Health.