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SINDI – Soil Quality Indicators

A web-based tool designed to help you interpret the quality or health of soil

How to access

You can access the SINDI website using the above link.

Key features
Compare your soil with information from our soils indicators database
Assess the intrinsic resources and biological, chemical and physical quality of your soil
See how your soil measures up against current understanding of optimal values
Learn about the effect each indicator has on soil quality

New Zealand


1995 onwards


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Soil quality is a term that describes the relative condition of soil under a particular land use. To understand a soils condition, a number of key indicators are measured to identify current condition and trend of chemical, physical and biological attributes of a soil as it is utilized under a particular land use. Different land uses impart different pressures on soil quality, and different soils react in different ways to those land use pressures.

SINDI is a web-based tool designed to help land managers interpret the quality or health of a soil under a particular land use relative to (1) an expert interpretation, (2) sites that have been analysed within a monitoring program, and (3) sites from the National Soils Database.

The indicators selected to assess soil quality in SINDI reflect the idea that soil quality is not a single concept but encompasses aspects of the soil physical structure, chemical fertility, nutrient storage, organic matter resources, and the biological life in the soil. Statistical techniques were used to determine a key set of seven indicators that together describe soil quality.

Target ranges have been defined by a small group of experts for each of the indicators on a variety of soil types and land uses. These target ranges form the basis of the graphical interpretation used in SINDI. As a user of SINDI you can enter in values for the seven indicators, the soil type and land use, and each value is then graphically compared with the appropriate target range.