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NZ Soil Bureau Bibliographic Reports

Bibliographic Reports produced by the New Zealand Soil Bureau, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), from 1972 to 1987. Only relevant issues are listed below.

No. Year Title Author(s) Digital resources
18 1976 Bibliography of Soil Animals in New Zealand, to 1967. 76 p. Luxton, M.L. Report
25 1980 Publications by Soil Bureau Staff, 1930-1979. Titles. 186 Davin, J.E. Report
26 1977 Bibliography of references to soil temperatures in New Zealand, to 1976. 31 p. Aldridge, R. Report
28 1980 The first hundred years - a historical bibliography of New Zealand loess, 1878-1978. 166 p. Smalley, I.J. & Davin, J.E. Report
29 1982 Land reclamation - physical restoration of soil after mining. A selective bibliography. 47 p. McQueen, D.J. Report
30 1982 Fragipan horizons in soils: A bibliography study and review of some of the hard layers in loess and other materials. 122 p. Smalley, I.J. & Davin, J.E. Report
31 1983 An agricultural view of loess: Subject entries in the Catalog of the United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library 1962-1980. 17 p. Smalley, I.J. Report
32 1985 Bibliography of research on phosphate in NZ soils. 58 p. Parfitt, R.L. & Davin, J.E. Report
33 1987 Bibliography on the physical & engineering properties of volcanic soils in NZ. 57 p. Jacquet, D. Report