How to use the Legacy Map Viewer

Here are some tips:
  • You can start by filtering items based on map scale, map creation date and map title. Not all vital information is always part of the map titles, so a geographical search (zooming into your area of interest) is expected to return more results.

  • You can reset your search using the 'Reset' button on the right side of the filters at any time.

  • You can use the map to look for results by zooming in and reducing the number of results showing up in the list or by putting down a pin on the map to display metadata for all maps intersected by the pin. You can remove your pin using the red cross button appearing at the right corner of the map.

  • Current S-map coverage is displayed as a background layer; it can be turned off by de-selecting the button in the right corner of the map.

  • Once you have identified a map of interest, click on the map title in the list of results to display the metadata record for the item. This includes a link to view and download a copy of this specific record from the Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research Digital Library.


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