Our Environment

What is Our Environment?

Our Environment is an interactive map viewer for New Zealand land-related environmental information.

The  NZ Land Atlas provides you with free online maps and reports illustrating various aspects of the land, land resources and landscapes of New Zealand. 

New Zealand Landcover Explorer allows you to explore and analyse New Zealand landcover change over five time periods - 1996/97, 2001/02, 2008/09, 2012/13 and 2018/19.

Our Environment

13 October 2021

An interactive map viewer for New Zealand land-related environmental information

Lets you explore cartographic depictions of many different layers of environmental data, get information about particular environmental features, access other data resources and print high-quality maps.
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Key features

  • Interactive with With "Google maps" style navigation, it's easy to search, view and query environmental data
  • Data viewable at many scales — a series of progressively more detailed map views are available
  • Custom, high quality maps — use the data themes to create custom maps that can be shared or printed as high quality PDF files
  • Quality science data — the service uses data from nationally significant databases

Our Environment

An online atlas of our land resources

Our Environment is a website designed to help you learn about the natural environments of New Zealand.
Use the NZ Land Atlas to view maps and learn about New Zealand's land resources and the NZ Landcover Change Explorer to see how New Zealand's landcover changed between 1996 and 2018.

Coverage: The whole of mainland New Zealand  Date: Launched in 2011. Layers are updated as new versions of data become available License: Science data © Manaaki Whenua. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 NZ License