The key soil information source at national level is S-map Online. S-map is Manaaki Whenua’s ongoing project to map New Zealand's soil resources. The information is provided at a nominal 1:50,000 scale in most cases, so make sure you do not use it for paddock-scale decision-making without further investigation on-site.

How to access: Following a free of charge registration you have instant access to soil factsheets containing soil class and property information for your area of interest. A set of S-map layers is available from the LRIS portal for download and analysis.

S-map Online

The digital soil map of New Zealand

S-Map data includes fundamental soil property data - such as depth, stoniness, clay and sand content - created from field observations and expert knowledge, as well as derived soil data based on models (e.g., available water, macroporosity, P retention, pH, soil carbon).

The tool also allows you to create custom soil maps and download soil factsheets for specific locations.
Which soil data to use for areas where S-map is unavailable?
Where to find soil 'point' information?
National Soil Monitoring data